Ten Free Video Writing Prompts to Spark the Love of Writing in Your Students

I believe that writing should be fun. It’s not merely a functional activity we have to get through in life. I believe that persuasive, informational, and functional writing should be as fun as writing a story. I believe that all writing is inherently creative and that you can easily embed design challenges into writing (which I included in my latest illustrated writing idea).

This is why I love creating video writing ideas. I used to hand students paragraph-long writing prompts and it felt overwhelming. However, when I first created an illustrated a writing prompt, students were instantly engaged. It was not only more fun. It was also a chance to see and hear the writing idea in a new way.

For this reason, I’m posting all my video writing prompts from the most recent to the oldest. My goal has been to create at least one per month and already I’m above that pace. I watched the videos yesterday and noticed a cool progression in the quality of my doodles and in the level of animation in each video.

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3 responses

  1. Love the prompts, John! I can't wait to use them in my classroom.

  2. Wow John you might have just revolutionized my writing lessons (all of my lessons most likely). My school site services mostly EL learners and being to deliver writing tasks in such an engaging way will greatly improve my students' writings. I plan to begin creating my own sketchy videos as a resource for my students to access my lectures. Brilliant. I will be sure to share the outcomes of my creations.

  3. Awesome resource! Thanks for sharing!

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