The Roadmap for Collaborative Projects

Previously in this series, we explored why collaborative projects are vital for students. But if we’re being honest, creative projects are really hard to pull off with students. We will now explore how design thinking can work as a roadmap for getting the most out of collaborative projects. Listen to the Podcast Just click on […]

Collaborative Projects Can Work in Any Subject

If we say we want students to become critical thinking life-long learners, we need to provide projects that encourage them to engage in creative collaboration. But what does this look like in each subject area? How do turn this idea into a reality? We’ll be exploring that idea in my second blog post in a […]

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

It’s easy to think of creativity as a solitary endeavor. But some of the best creative work is collaborative. The following is an exploration of the seven keys to successful creative collaboration.   Listen to the Podcast Just click on the audio below to listen to this Creative Classroom podcast. You can also listen to it […]

8 Ways UX Design Theory Transformed My Approach to Course Design

UX Design Theory can teach us a lot about how to build community, communicate clearly, and set up effective systems as we design our courses. The following is an exploration 8 ways UX Design Theory can change the way we teach.  Listen to the Podcast Just click on the audio below to listen to this Creative […]

6 Projects that Promote Student Ownership in the First Month of School

Don’t Wait to Innovate! Teachers often begin the school year with team-building activities or a review of the rules and procedures. But what if we began with student-centered projects? The following is an exploration of six student-centered projects you can launch in your first month of school. Note that this post was inspired by a […]

On Eclipse Day: 5 Ways Natural Wonders Make Us More Creative

In a few hours, we will begin observing the eclipse. No handouts. No close reading exercises. Just a bunch of families in the neighborhood gathering together to break bread, eat bacon, and then see the shadows change and the stars appear and the temperature drop. Nocturnal creatures will appear at ten in the morning. We will don […]

10 Reasons to Pilot Genius Hour This Year

“What are you going to make today?” That’s one of my favorite questions to ask in the summer. On this particular morning, my daughter tells me about her duct tape and cardboard car she’s creating. It might not work but that’s okay. At some point, she’ll make a functioning prototype. My middle son tells me […]

Because of Teachers (A Short Tribute Video)

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work with pre-service teachers who will enter the classroom in the next few years. Teachers are awesome. So, with that in mind, the following is a video I created as a back-to-school video. You can check it out on my YouTube Channel or if you’d like to share it on […]

Turning Problems into Solutions

When teachers view themselves as systems architects, they are able to view potential problems as design challenges.    Listen to the Podcast Just click on the audio below to listen to this Creative Classroom podcast. You can also listen to it on the go by subscribing on iTunes (ideal for iPhone users) or Google Play and Stitcher (ideal for Android users)   […]

What do maker projects look like in each subject area?

If you’re interested in designing your own makerspace, check out the Makerspace Master Course. It’s a self-paced, week-long course that you can do from anywhere at any time.   Making Can Happen in Every Subject Recently a friend of mine said, “When I think of makerspaces, I don’t think of history classes. I picture areas where […]