You are the architect who can design the learning experiences that students remember for a lifetime. But epic projects require structures and strategies. This is why I’m constantly researching and experimenting. Along the way, I share tools, ideas, and resources to help you design better PBL learning experiences for all students. Join the 60,000+ educators and leaders who have used the free PBL Toolbox.


Hi, I’m John Spencer

I’m the author of 3 best-selling books on creativity and innovation; Launch, Empower, and Vintage Innovation. Currently, I’m a full-time professor who focuses on design thinking and human motivation. I’m also the founder of two start-ups, Write About (a blogging platform for students) and Blend Education.

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with organizations all over the world, including Hong Kong, Australia, and the Netherlands. I also spoke at the White House and delivered a TEDx Talk. More recently, I have also worked with companies and organizations seeking to empower their teams and improve collaboration. If you’re looking for an energizing, practical, and funny keynote or workshop, click here to submit a speaking request.

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My goal is to demystify the creative process by exploring research, analyzing systems, and interviewing creative thinkers from around the world. Along the way, I share what I’m learning in books, podcasts, articles, animated videos, courses, book clubs, and free resources.

I share these insights with 60,000 people each week in my newsletter. My readers include teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and makers who aspire to improve their creative thinking at both the individual and team level.

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I have had the opportunity to conduct workshops and keynotes all over the world, in both virtual and in-person venues. I’ve also worked with companies seeking to empower teams and improve creative collaboration.

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Empowered Learners

Our students will need to be creative thinking, self-directed learners to navigate the complex systems of our world. Empower provides practical strategies to increase student ownership, voice, and choice.

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Design Thinking for All

Design thinking is a human-centered, empathy-driven process for creative work. The LAUNCH framework is a student-friendly design thinking framework you can use in your classroom.

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Project-Based Learning

When students engage in project-based learning, they learn how to create, collaborate, and think critically. They also learn lifelong skills such as research, inquiry, project-management, and iterative thinking.

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Empowered Writers

Creativity can work in all subjects when students are inspired and empowered. This is why I’ve created creative thinking prompts to spark the love of writing. You can get 100+ writing prompts in a PowerPoint along with sketch-note video prompts.

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