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If you enjoy the free articles, podcasts, and videos on design thinking, project-based learning, and creativity, you might want to take a deeper dive with my online courses, where I share tools and strategies you can use next week. Not sure yet? Try a shorter on-demand webinar.

Project-Based Learning Mastercourse

In this course, we explore the structures and strategies for project-based learning as you design your own PBL unit. I walk you through your most common questions, including how to assess projects, how to facilitate collaboration, and how to align your projects to the standards.

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Getting Started with PBL (Webinar)

In this on-demand webinar, I introduce the key ideas of project-based learning and answer some of your burning questions. I also provide a PBL toolkit and project that you can use with your students.

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Design Thinking Mastercourse

Design thinking is a flexible framework to get the most of the creative process. It’s used in the arts, in engineering, and in social and civic spaces. But how do we make this happen for students? In this course, I walk you step-by-step through the structures and strategies to boost student ownership in the design process.

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Getting Started with Design Thinking (Webinar)

Design thinking has grown in popularity in the last five to ten years. But what is it and why are teachers using it with students? In this self-paced, on-demand webinar, we explore the basics of design thinking. I also provide a toolkit you can use in your classroom.

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Makerspace Mastercourse

Makerspaces are about more than just 3D printers and drones. In fact, they often include low budget, vintage tools. Simply put, a makerspace is a space design specifically to boost creativity and hands-on learning. In this course, I walk you through how to design a makerspace in a week and answer your burning questions about makerspaces.

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Makerspace in a Week (Webinar)

In this self-paced, on-demand webinar, we explore the key basics of how to set up a makerspace, including what you might want to buy, how you might organize the space, and what it might look like to get buy-in from stakeholders. It’s a great first step before taking the full mastercourse.

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