The Vintage Innovation Toolkit is here! You can access it by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. This toolkit includes the eBook The Epic Guide to Vintage Innovation. There are also eleven resources that correspond to different chapters in my new book Vintage Innovation. This toolkit includes protocols and structures that you can use to empower your students to own their learning. I’ve also included several mini-projects and lessons that you can customize for your own classroom environment. It’s all free, regardless of whether or not you buy the book.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

  • Divergent thinking mini-project
  • Sketchnote video activity
  • Socratic Seminar structure
  • Ideas and structures for building empathy
  • Student journalism resources
  • Community inventory
  • An exploration of biomimicry in each subject
  • A guide for hands-on simulations
  • Writing prompts
  • Design thinking project
  • Maker project
  • Genius Hour resource
  • Wonder Day and Wonder Week resource
  • A guide for content curation

This is absolutely free. Simply fill out the form below.

[convertkit form=1139232]
John Spencer

John Spencer

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