Thinking Creatively About Technology and Blended Learning

I first got into educational technology as a brand new teacher. I refurbished old computers using Linux so that my students could blog. Over the next decade, we expanded to documentaries, podcasts, and coding projects. I earned a Master’s degree in educational technology, where I won the Educational Graduate Student of the Year Award for my work on blended professional development. Eventually, I co-created a new blogging platform, Write About, and spoke at the White House Future Ready Summit, answer the question, “What is a Future Ready student?”

I also worked in self-contained (all subjects) and ELL classrooms, growing as an expert in ELL. I coached teachers in our district’s 21st Century Classroom Initiative and helped design a tech-integrated STEM lab summer school for ELL students. Now, I am about to launch a book called Confident Voices: Digital Tools for Language Acquisition. 

I now work as an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at George Fox University where I also mentor fellow professors in the Digital Fluency Initiative. Here are some of the blog posts, resources, videos, and free courses I’ve created on technology and blended learning.

Blog Posts on Technology and Blended Learning

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Popular Keynotes, Sessions, and Workshops

It Is Personal: A New Vision for Personalized Learning (Keynote or Workshop)
Personalized learning has become a buzzword in education. However, too often, “personalized” simply means an adaptive program, where students are passively moving through curriculum. What if we empowered students to own their own learning? In this keynote, I share a personalized learning framework that begins with the idea that learning should be relational, social, and creative.

The Seven Stages in the Teacher Technology Journey
Using the metaphor of a journey, this session takes educators through the phases that many teachers go through from “tech tourism” to “tech assimilation” to “tech integration” and eventually “tech citizenship” (including media criticism). The idea here is to develop reflective questions we could ask teachers in each phase so that they could progress toward a deeper understanding of the nature of technology. Participants will reflect on their own journey through technology integration while also developing reflective coaching questions they can use with their colleagues.

Confident Voices: Tech-Integrated Strategies for Language Acquisition
Sometimes it can be difficult to think about the right tools, apps, or platforms in an ELL classroom. In this session, we take a boring lesson and transform it into something engaging and student centered by focusing on choice, student discourse and technology integration.

Designing a Personalized Professional Development System
We know that choice and differentiation work for students, but all too often we create a one-size-fits-all professional development system for teachers. What if we could personalize things so that every educator participated in the right professional development to fit his or her needs? In this workshop, we go over how to develop such a system by using the leadership capacity of your entire staff. 

Rethinking Digital Citizenship
Digital citizenship is often defined as “being nice online.” However, students now have access to the tools and sites that will enable them to truly engage with their world. Every child can now be a citizen-journalist. This workshop focuses on how to help students find their social voice and engage with the world.

Free Resources

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