Ten Vintage Ideas to Spark Innovation in Your Classroom

The Astrodome was a modern miracle, a Space Age wonder, with a glass dome, high-tech air-conditioning, and the world’s biggest scoreboard. When it opened in 1965, reporters dubbed it the “8th Wonder of the World.” (Wilson, 1965) This was the future. No more bad weather or quirky dimensions or anything else that made baseball messy […]

The Power of Hands-On Simulations to Push Critical Thinking

I’ve been exploring this idea of “vintage learning” all month. It’s a simple idea. Sometimes the best way to look forward is to look back. Some of our most innovative lessons are actually low-tech.  Two students in my social studies pedagogy class chose an area that they knew students would find confusing and maybe even a […]

Why Duct Tape and Cardboard Might Be a Better Option than a 3D Printer

A few days ago, I met Manuel Herrera at MORENet. He has an amazing maker space where students engage in creative thinking on a daily basis. It’s a bastion of creativity and wonder and his passion for it is contagious. However, as we talked about prototyping and design thinking, he mentioned something surprising. “We have […]