Why Journalism Might Actually Be the Class of the Future

When we imagine the future of learning, we often hear about STEM and STEAM and things like robotics or coding. But I’d argue that one of the most relevant subjects for developing a maker mindset is actually journalism. Here’s why.  Listen to the Podcast If you enjoy this blog but you’d like to listen to […]

Getting Started with Content Curation in the Classroom

Content curation is a vital part of the creative process. In this blog post and podcast, we explore why curation matters and how we can help students learn how to engage in the curation process.   We Need Critical Consumers When we think of creativity, it’s easy to picture a person coming up with something […]

We Need Librarians More Than Ever Before

It was about five years ago when a boy walked up to me and asked, “Hey Mr. Spencer, can you talk to the district and see if they’ll open up the library over the summer?” “I don’t think they can,” I answered. “But the city library is just down the street.” “I can’t go there. […]

Believe It Or Not, Kindergartners Can Do Research

When my oldest son was five, he asked me whether the leaves were falling because the air was getting colder or because the sun was setting earlier. We gathered leaves. We conducted experiments. We looked at maps of leaves and sunlight and temperature. He wasn’t reading but he was doing research. When my middle son […]