6 Student-Centered Projects for the First Week of School

Don’t Wait to Innovate! Teachers often begin the school year with team-building activities or a review of the rules and procedures. But what if we began with student-centered projects? The following is an exploration of six student-centered projects you can launch in your first month of school. Starting the Year with Student-Centered Projects So, imagine […]

10 Reasons to Pilot Genius Hour This Year

“What are you going to make today?” That’s one of my favorite questions to ask in the summer. On this particular morning, my daughter tells me about her duct tape and cardboard car she’s creating. It might not work but that’s okay. At some point, she’ll make a functioning prototype. My middle son tells me […]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes I Made with Genius Hour (and How I Fixed Them)

This post is inspired by Ross Cooper’s latest post on the mistakes he made in doing PBL. It’s a great post. In fact, you should stop reading this now and read his post instead. Go check out his book while you’re at it.  I love the notion of sharing our mistakes along with what we […]

Teachers Need Genius a Hour, Too

My wife and I give each other one night a week to pursue our own interest. It’s sort of like having a date night alone. Odd, I know, but something that allows both of us to pursue our own interests no matter how crazy life gets. I used to feel guilty leaving my kids for […]

Geek Out Projects: My Approach to Genius Hour and 20% Time

In the past, I’ve always chosen a series of ice breakers (even though it’s way outside of my comfort zone) and a History of Me project. I felt like the safest topic for a student was writing about one’s own life. I believed that this was a great chance to affirm a student’s identity and […]