Seven Strategies for Building Empathy in Students

A few days ago, my son said something that surprised me. He said, “Dad, we have the best cafeteria lady at our school.” And I said,  “Wait, what?” But then he went on to describe how this woman chose to memorize every students’ name in his middle school and how she knows his order each […]

How Nature Inspires Better Design (and What This Means for Students)

We want students to be makers and designers. But there’s a surprising source of inspiration for design: the natural world. This is the key idea behind biomimicry, which encourages engineers to pay close attention to nature in order to improve their designs. The following post is an exploration of what this idea means for classroom […]

Turning Problems into Solutions

When teachers view themselves as systems architects, they are able to view potential problems as design challenges.    What I Learned from Watching People on a Plane Yesterday, on a flight from Portland to Minneapolis, the flight attendant asked the passengers to check their seats for any belongings and to close the shade on the […]