What Happens When Teachers Take Creative Risks?

I sit at the Starbucks, staring at the blinking cursor daring me to write another line. Fears swirl through my brain. What if this doesn’t work? Will people hate it? What if I write the entire first draft and it simply isn’t any good? I stumble forward with a sentence, then another sentence until I […]

10 Creative Risks to Take with Students This Year

My daughter looks up from her cereal and says, “You know what day I can’t wait for?” “Um, your birthday?” She shakes her head. “Next Christmas?” She shakes her head again and then says, “The first day back to school. I can’t wait to see my friends and my teacher. I don’t know what projects […]

Why a Smaller Audience Might Be the Key to Helping Kids Take Creative Risks

Flash back to Tuesday afternoon: I’m sitting down at the computer overwhelmed by the uncertainty of audience. I’m thinking about that technology training where I had wanted to show teachers how to use Google Drive for assessment . . . and then Google Drive was down. All day. My mind meanders to that Wednesday evening […]