Why Balance Is Critical for Creative Work

Earlier this week, my friend George Couros wrote a wonderful post about seeing the value in balance and it had me thinking about the role of balance in creativity and teaching.  Years ago, my friend Wayne gave me some great advice about balance and self-care. Although this was about the non-profit world, I think it […]

The Difference Between Being Busy and Being Productive

I recently wrote about the power of rest to increase productivity and creative thinking. For that reason, I also want to share a phenomenal resource from my friend, Angela Watson, that empowers teachers to make this a reality. She also has a summer planning guide you might want to check out. Listen to the Podcast If you enjoy this […]

Why Deep Work Has Become an Essential Skill in a Distracted World

This is part of a series on The Future of Learning and it’s a trend that I’ve noticed often. It’s the idea that some of the more “vintage” skills (philosophy, curating, deep work, making things from scratch) are actually the most relevant in an age of connectivity.  Last Friday, I had a massive list of […]

Students Need to Own the Project Management Process

Note that I use the terms “organization,” “creative process,” and “project management” interchangeably. I’m basically suggesting that students should own the workflow process. I have an embarrassing confession to make. I like Microsoft Word. I like the way it handles autocorrect when I start typing way too fast. I like the interface that’s free of […]