Three Ways to Boost Collaboration in Student Projects

We’ve all been there before when we were students. You’d hear the dreaded words “group project,” and immediately begin calculating the additional work that you would need to do to keep the group afloat; especially if the teacher chose the members. You check the list of names on the board. You’ll be with the drifter, […]

Ten Things Pixar Can Teach Us About Creativity

For the last two decades, Pixar has produced some of the most creative and epic films of this era. But this is the result of a culture of creative collaboration built on ideas of being frank, taking chances, and failing forward. So, what can educators learn from Pixar as we design collaborative projects? A Culture […]

Helping Introverts Thrive in Collaborative Projects

We know collaboration is important but it’s easy for introverts to get lost in the shuffle. So, how do we honor introverts’ identity and build on their hidden strengths and we engage in collaborative projects?  Collaboration Isn’t Working for Introverts I don’t enjoy most collaborative projects. Even when I find the work meaningful, I get […]

The Roadmap for Collaborative Projects

Five Really Good Reasons Not to Do Collaborative Projects With Your Students “Group project.” Say those two words and you’ll instantly notice the face of sheer dread as a handful of students calculate just how much extra work they’ll need to do in order to make up for the slackers in their assigned group. Look […]

Collaborative Projects Can Work in Any Subject

If we say we want students to become critical thinking life-long learners, we need to provide projects that encourage them to engage in creative collaboration. But what does this look like in each subject area? How do turn this idea into a reality? We’ll be exploring that idea in my second blog post in a […]

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

It’s easy to think of creativity as a solitary endeavor. But some of the best creative work is collaborative. The following is an exploration of the seven keys to successful creative collaboration. Reluctantly Embracing Creative Collaboration I don’t enjoy collaboration. My natural inclination is to generate an idea and let it swirl in my head […]