Why Every Teacher Needs a Mastermind Group

I’m about two-thirds of my way through my doctoral program and it’s beginning to get more challenging. I’ve spent hours working through the self-paced instruction in my statistics class while geeking out about professional development in my second course. My mind is ping-ponging back and forth between ideas I want to explore and research I […]

Five Structures for Helping Students Learn Project Management

If we want students to think like artists, entrepreneurs, and engineers, they need the chance to design real projects. But this also requires students to learn how to engage in project management. The following is a short video on the project management process: Listen to the Podcast If you enjoy this blog but you’d like […]

What a Trip to China Taught Me About Global Collaboration Projects

My Trip to China A few days ago I arrived home after a two-week trip to China. We spent a few days doing things that were unabashedly tourist-related, like going to the Great Wall, visiting the Temple of Heaven, and exploring the Forbidden City in Beijing. We rode bikes on the city wall of Xi’an […]

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

It’s easy to think of creativity as a solitary endeavor. But some of the best creative work is collaborative. The following is an exploration of the seven keys to successful creative collaboration. Reluctantly Embracing Creative Collaboration I don’t enjoy collaboration. My natural inclination is to generate an idea and let it swirl in my head […]

The Difference Between Cooperation and Collaboration

Mike Kaechele offered some great pushback on my last post. Mike is a highly respected project-based learning teacher who often leads PBL trainings in his spare time. So, when he pushes back, I’m quick to listen. I wish I could play back the entire conversation, because there was so much depth and nuance to what […]