Ten Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before the Break

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of this post to download the Ten Creative Ways to End the Semester Resource Pack.  Let’s just put it out there. December is exhausting for teachers. The days are shorter. The weather grows colder and (at least here in Oregon) wetter. Students are anxious — whether it’s a […]

Five Ways to Boost Student Engagement with Flow Theory

If we want students to develop a maker mindset, we need to empower them to hit a state of creative flow. Flow Theory explains what happens when we hit that place of “optimal experience,” where you are fully engaged, present, and focused. The following blog post explores what it means to help students reach a […]

Because of a Teacher

Last Tuesday, I experienced that weird role reversal of parent-teacher conferences. Suddenly, I felt that same anxiety that I had seen with so many of the parents of my former students. Were my son and daughter doing okay? Were they making friends? Were they being respectful? Were they mastering the standards? My son and daughter […]

Getting Started with Content Curation in the Classroom

Content curation is a vital part of the creative process. In this blog post and podcast, we explore why curation matters and how we can help students learn how to engage in the curation process.   We Need Critical Consumers When we think of creativity, it’s easy to picture a person coming up with something […]

How to Help Students Ask Better Questions by Creating a Culture of Inquiry

Student inquiry is at the heart of student choice. When students are able to ask their own questions, they can chase their curiosity and tap into their own interests. They can build on their prior knowledge and build a bridge to new information that they are analyzing. But how do we actually do this?   […]

What a Trip to China Taught Me About Global Collaboration Projects

My Trip to China A few days ago I arrived home after a two-week trip to China. We spent a few days doing things that were unabashedly tourist-related, like going to the Great Wall, visiting the Temple of Heaven, and exploring the Forbidden City in Beijing. We rode bikes on the city wall of Xi’an […]

Helping Students Learn Project Management

If we want students to think like artists, entrepreneurs, and engineers, they need the chance to design real projects. But this also requires students to learn how to engage in project management.   The Need for Project Management Chances are you’ve seen this scenario before. You give your students three weeks to work on a […]

Designing Group Projects So That Everyone Participates

Collaborative projects can easily fall apart in the classroom. You start with a great idea but next thing you know, you have half of your students checked out. So, how do we fix this? Why Group Work Fails Let’s just put it out there. Group work sucked for most of us when we were in […]

Ten Things Pixar Can Teach Us About Creativity

For the last two decades, Pixar has produced some of the most creative and epic films of this era. But this is the result of a culture of creative collaboration built on ideas of being frank, taking chances, and failing forward. So, what can educators learn from Pixar as we design collaborative projects? A Culture […]

Helping Introverts Thrive in Collaborative Projects

We know collaboration is important but it’s easy for introverts to get lost in the shuffle. So, how do we honor introverts’ identity and build on their hidden strengths and we engage in collaborative projects?  Collaboration Isn’t Working for Introverts I don’t enjoy most collaborative projects. Even when I find the work meaningful, I get […]