Future of Learning

A few years ago, I was invited to the White House Future Ready Summit to deliver a short speech on what it meant for a student to be future-ready. I shared a story of what happened in my classroom when students used design thinking and leveraged the creative and connective power of technology to create something meaningful to them.

The truth is that the project I described didn’t go perfectly. We ran into issues with global collaboration. Students struggled with aspects of the research. But for all the failures in the project, it was different.

It’s no secret that our education system is based on an obsolete, archaic factory model. I want to re-imagine schools to go beyond this model. I also want to share ideas, systems, tools, and resources that make that future a reality. We can complain about how broken the system is, but I want to be a part of the solution in my everyday actions. We can be the future of education.

The Future of Learning Series

In this series, we dive into the big changes happening in our connected world and explore what this means for our students.

A Changing World

Mindsets for the Future of Learning

Skills for the Future of Learning