Free Creative Thinking Challenges Sent Straight to Your Inbox

Limitations and challenges can be frustrating. However, they can also be the creative constraint that leads to problem-solving and divergent thinking. Over the years, I’ve learned that students love challenges that they find engaging, intriguing and meaningful. Some of these are practical and real-world. Others are fantastical and require a bold imagination.

I want to see schools become bastions of creativity and wonder and I think that creative thinking challenges are a part of the solution. So, I’ve decided to share a weekly creative thinking challenge every Thursday. Some of these will require design thinking. Some of them will be maker projects. Others will focus on building divergent thinking. Some will fit in with STEM and others will incorporate creativity into language arts or social studies.

If you find these useful, please sign up in the form below to get each challenge sent straight to your inbox every Thursday. I will email you the YouTube video as well as the physical file, so you can play it even if you don’t have the internet. If you want to show some love, please share the videos on social media, subscribe to the channel, and click “like” on the videos.

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