We Need Librarians More Than Ever Before

It was about five years ago when a boy walked up to me and asked, “Hey Mr. Spencer, can you talk to the district and see if they’ll open up the library over the summer?” “I don’t think they can,” I answered. “But the city library is just down the street.” “I can’t go there. […]

It’s All About the Relationships (Guest post by @trevormuir)

First off, he makes learning fun. From putting roller skates on Boggarts, to always having chocolate on him, to having a final exam that was an obstacle course, Lupin engaged his students with a great time. School isn’t always supposed to be fun. Sometimes it should be hard and boring, but you’ve got to lighten […]


Was Snape the Best Teacher at Hogwarts? Guest post by @trevormuir

The 5th best teacher at Hogwarts is Severus Snape. Don’t look at me like that, Snape was not a terrible teacher. Yes he used public humiliation as a tool, played favorites, required rote memorization, spoke in a very mono-toned boring voice, and didn’t model proper hair hygiene to his students, But he was great at […]

Should school be more confusing?

Before getting started, I thought I’d let you know about my vlog (video blog) that I’ve been doing each week. Here’s my latest one on this very subject. If you like this video, please click “like” and share it with others. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. It would mean a lot to me. I […]


Showing My Work: How I Use Feedback and Self-Reflection to Modify My Lessons

Every Tuesday and Wednesday night, I teach a 4-hour pedagogy class. I use the design thinking cycle to plan the course (a topic for another blog post) and so as I teach, I am in the Highlight and Fix phase. I thought I would give a sneak peak into my process with my Wednesday night […]

Critical Questions for Making Sense Out of a Connected World

A few days ago, I noticed people sharing a few random articles from Atlas Obscura. I noticed a few of their tweets rising to the top of my Twitter feed as well. As I drove to work, I caught a part of an NPR story with one of the lead curators from Atlas Obscura as well. Why all […]

10 Reasons to Pilot Genius Hour This Year

As I arrive home from work, I notice a trend. Every room has a project. My oldest son is creating his own sport, designing his own experiments, and trying to create a video game. My middle son is building a world in Minecraft, writing his own graphic novel, and making things with Legos. My daughter […]

Four Ways to Subscribe to The Creative Classroom

Hey everyone, If you’ve been reading this blog and you enjoy what you’ve seen, here are some ways you can follow it. I realize that everyone is busy and we all have our favorite ways of accessing content. That’s why I’ve set up four different ways to connect to this blog. Subscribe to the Creative […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure (A Guest Post by @TrevorMuir)

Trevor Muir is a teacher, writer, speaker, project based learning expert, and storyteller. His narrative podcast, Stories From School, can be found on iTunes. Trevor’s spoken-word poem, “Coming Alive at 14” was featured in the Huffington Post. He also gave a TED Talk about authentic education at TEDxSanAntonio. Trevor’s blog and videos can be found […]


Treating Challenges as Design Opportunities

I’m sitting on a plane right now writing this blog post. I just spent an hour working on a sketchy video and before that, I worked on another blog post. I’m nestled up against a window where I can look to my right and remember, in awe, that I am floating on the clouds. I’ve […]