Six Strategies for Tackling Perfectionism

The following is a variation on a post I created for the New Teacher Academy. Each year, I ask my pre-service teachers to describe what teaching will be like when they move from surviving to thriving. Common themes emerge. “Every student will listen each time I’m talking” or “I won’t have any upset parents” or […]

Finding Renewal on Your Winter Break

Originally written on December 18, 2017 I still remember my first winter break in my first year of teaching. I scratched out Christmas Eve and Christmas as true “days off,” but then I worked the rest of the time. I read two books on teaching. I took home a giant box full of papers to […]

A Thank You Letter to Teachers

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I created a thank you video for teachers. Feel free to share it with friends, colleagues, or your own children’s teachers. You can find it here on YouTube or on here on Facebook. If you haven’t already, you might want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow my Facebook […]

The Difference Between Being Busy and Being Productive

I recently wrote about the power of rest to increase productivity and creative thinking. For that reason, I also want to share a phenomenal resource from my friend, Angela Watson, that empowers teachers to make this a reality. She also has a summer planning guide you might want to check out. Listen to the Podcast If you enjoy this […]

A Different Way to Set Goals for the New Year

With the new year coming up, there’s a good chance you’re coming up with some resolutions. Personally, I like the idea of coming up with a few really easy New Year’s Resolutions just to make it easier when I bomb in another area. I think this year I might make a resolution to eat breakfast […]

Because of a Teacher

Last Tuesday, I experienced that weird role reversal of parent-teacher conferences. Suddenly, I felt that same anxiety that I had seen with so many of the parents of my former students. Were my son and daughter doing okay? Were they making friends? Were they being respectful? Were they mastering the standards? My son and daughter […]

Because of Teachers (A Short Tribute Video)

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work with pre-service teachers who will enter the classroom in the next few years. Teachers are awesome. So, with that in mind, the following is a video I created as a back-to-school video. You can check it out on my YouTube Channel or if you’d like to share it on […]

Was Yoda a Good Teacher? (Happy Star Wars Day)

Happy Star Wars Day! Here’s a reflection about Yoda, teaching, and the deeply human element of being a teacher. Why Yoda Was a Bad Teacher A Fixed Mindset: Yoda took one look at Anakin Skywalker and determined that he had no future. He believed that Anakin’s current character would define who Anakin had to become. […]

Be Wildly and Unabashedly Different (My Hope for My Cohort as They Graduate)

My cohort graduates today. I feel so honored to be a part of their journey. So, here is my hope for them. My Cohort Is Graduating Last Wednesday, I sat at a table surrounded by members of my cohort. I listened to them share stories from their practicum experience and offer tips for how to […]

Six Strategies for Thriving as an Introverted Teacher

I’m a hard introvert to spot. I can be loud and social and nobody sees how tired I feel as a result. I’m not shy. I’m often quick to engage in deep conversations. And yet, I am introvert to my core. Every minute I’m at a party I’m having to work hard to pull it […]