Was Snape the Best Teacher at Hogwarts? Guest post by @trevormuir

The 5th best teacher at Hogwarts is Severus Snape. Don’t look at me like that, Snape was not a terrible teacher. Yes he used public humiliation as a tool, played favorites, required rote memorization, spoke in a very mono-toned boring voice, and didn’t model proper hair hygiene to his students,

But he was great at many things. Snape allowed his students to work with their hands and explore and experiment almost every day in his classroom. It was like that day in 9th grade where you got to dissect a real frog in biology class,

Except it was every day in Snape’s classroom.

Snape also didn’t just sit behind his desk while students worked. He was always on his feet, being active in his students’ learning and giving timely feedback. Also, Snape was successful as a teacher. I mean, Harry and his pals did pass his class every year, and even Harry made it into advanced potions. That’s some good teaching. The guy might not have been a perfect teacher, and he really embodies the phrase, “teachers aren’t supposed to be your friend,” but hey, who’s perfect?

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