Visual Writing Ideas for the First Week of School

Update: You can download all of these writing ideas and more right here.
Here are some of the writing ideas I use with kids in the beginning of the year. If you’re interested in a student publishing platform centered around ideas, you might want to sign up for early access to Write About. I’ve been working with two other people on it and I’m getting really excited about what it will be.
This isn’t all that creative, but it’s a way for kids to tell me things that they want me to know about them.
Kids like ninjas and they enjoy writing stories that let them process things like first-day jitters in a creative way.
This writing idea becomes a springboard for our Geek Out projects.
For younger kids, this can be a great way to see class needs. What do kids want? What do kids think are necessary in a classroom?
For older kids, I actually prefer a variation. Because, let’s be real, zombies are awesome.
I’m surprised at how popular this one is with kids. It felt boring to me when I offered it to them, but many students chose it.
It’s still blazingly hot when school begins in Phoenix, so this goes over really well.
It’s baseball season, but many of my students find the sport to be boring.
I have another variation of this one that takes place in the forest.
This works well as a way to introduce the maker stuff we’ll be doing.
Again, I want to see them think creatively from the start. This is an engaging way to be creative.
This allow them to think through what they want to write about. I love the image that goes with it.
Kids love music and they love expressing their style. This lets them do both while sharing their story.
This one is a little more controversial (especially for younger kids), but it works well for me.
By the way, I have been posting these writing ideas to the Write About Facebook page and tweeting them out from @mywriteabout.
Photo Credit: Fountain Pen by Proletkult Graphik from The Noun Project

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